• Renee Gerber

Value of a Travel Agent

What we do for YOU!

Have you ever wondered what a travel agent does all day? Or if using a travel agent is worth it? Well, you are not alone. Many people think that being a travel agent isn't a real job and they can do their own travel themselves. Let's be clear...being a travel agent is most definitely a real job.

Don't get me wrong...there are people that can plan their own travel and are good at it. They enjoy doing the research and having complete control over every aspect of the planning. On the flip side, there are people who have an idea where they want to go, don't want to do the research and most definitely don't want to worry about all every aspect of the trip. That is where travel agents come to the rescue.

When planning a dream vacation for our clients, we spend hours researching the best location, resort, or ship to meet our client needs. We make sure that the vacation matches what the client wants to get out of the trip. Travel agents think of all the little nuances that make up the, transfers, best location for your cabin on a ship, speciality dining or dinner reservations.

During the pandemic travel agents have had a crash course on all the different protocols for each cruise line, resort and country. These protocols sometimes change daily. We also spend hours on hold with the airlines or cruise lines when things change and/or get cancelled. We do this for our clients...even when we don't get paid for it.

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