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Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity Cruises BRAND NEW ship and sister to the Apex and Edge...she will stun you wherever you turn... enjoy some photos of the ship...

Martini Bar

An amazing bar located in the Grand Plaza.  For expert martinis and a show...this is the place to be!

Resort Deck

The name says it all...the place to come and feel like you are at a top notch resort and soak up the sun.

Grand Plaza

The core of the ship.  A great place to hang out and meet up with friends.

martini bar.jpeg
Resort Deck Beyond.png
The Grand Plaza Beyond.png

Rooftop Garden 

On the top deck, amazing views, relaxation and food abound.

Cafe Il Bacio

Amazing coffee bar...this is Renee and Dana's favorite place!!!  

Tuscan Restaurant

One of the four complimentary restaurants where you will eat dinner.

Rooftop Garden Beyond.png
Cafe Al Bacio Beyond.png
Tuscan Restaurant Beyond.png


Multi-level, architectural masterpiece.  A place to chill and unwind, see amazing shows and have great food and drinks.

Craft Social Bar

Comfort food and craft beer enthusiasts rejoice.  Over 40 handcrafted boutique beer selections, creative cocktails and more...


I think you know what happens here...let's hope you come out with more money than you go in with!

Eden Beyond.png
Craft Social Bar Beyond.png
The Casino Beyond.png
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